Anthony A. Abad
Anthony A. Abad
Contributor, The Yuan

Anthony Amunátegui Abad is an international trade lawyer who sits on the World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement Panel. As the Chairman for the Philippines of the International Chambers of Commerce’s Commission on Competition, Tony continues to be at the forefront of the country’s economic development by advocating and ensuring the practice of competition.

Embracing AI, Blockchain in Trade Finance - with Anthony Abad and David Wood
Part Two of The Yuan’s talk with international trade lawyer Anthony Abad probes the global implications of AI and blockchain for trade finance, and their synergy, data governance issues, ethics guidelines, adaptable legal frameworks, and capacity building in developing nations.
Emir Mustafa Isler  |  May 20, 2024
Legal Frameworks in International Trade - with Anthony Abad and David Wood
Today’s episode investigates AI's transformative role in international trade, and its need for new legal frameworks, as we look into how AI optimizes trade processes globally. Listen in to our guest speaker Anthony Abad as we divine the future of digital trade.
Emir Mustafa Isler  |  May 13, 2024
“Governments for AI” webinar part 3 - discussion
In the second part of our discussion on the webinar we explore key measures that governments can take to ensure the safety of AI. By addressing these aspects, we find that when governments contribute to fostering an AI landscape, it not only thrives on innovation but also upholds ethical principles, accountability, and global cooperation.
Delta Dialog  |  Feb 09, 2024
“Governments for AI” webinar part 2 - discussion
Navigating the delicate balance between fostering innovation and addressing potential risks, governments play a crucial role in shaping the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies. Listen with us as we discuss the importance of the role governments play in the AI industry.
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“Governments for AI” webinar part 1 - presentations
Explore the intersection of AI, governance, and global impact through the insights of leading experts in our recent webinar. From the safety of AI to the imperative need for governance and regulation, our distinguished panel delved into crucial topics shaping the future.
Delta Dialog  |  Jan 29, 2024
AI demands new legal framework for global economic governance
The rise of AI and the ever-accelerating digitalization of the global economy make the legal framework underpinning it all desperately in need of a revamp. International trade lawyer and economic expert Anthony Abad describes the changes this will necessitate.
Anthony A. Abad  |  Dec 27, 2023
The Philippines Has Big, Big Data and Big, Big Plans for AI
Emerging markets
In 2010, the Philippines was crowned the data process outsourcing capital of the world because a staggering US$13 billion was generated by the Philippine services export industry. Now, the Philippines’ data processing sector is promising it will get even bigger thanks to AI.
Anthony A. Abad  |  Jun 30, 2021