Gift Kenneth
Gift Kenneth
Contributor, The Yuan

Gift Kenneth is the Programme & Product Lead at Hotbed, the go-to place for rapid-growth startups. She is a machine learning engineer, passionate about technology, especially AI, healthcare and startups.

Opening Africa’s medical data presents both pros and cons
Open Data 2022
Open data hold both advantages and disadvantages but will encourage dialogs and partnerships, asserts machine learning engineer Gift Kenneth as her contribution to The Yuan’s open medical data series. Africa’s data are underrepresented, hard to access or unavailable, problems open access would mark a major step toward solving.
Gift Kenneth  |  Jun 30, 2022
The Future of Precision Medicine in Africa, the World
New era
What will the future of healthcare look like, and how can Africa overcome inequality and other obstacles to benefit more from health-related data and new technologies that are more precisely tailored to the unique genetics of its diverse population? Gift Kenneth provides some answers.
Gift Kenneth  |  May 20, 2022
AI Offers Therapy to Mental Healthcare Sufferers in Nigeria
Gift Kenneth tackles government inertia in Nigeria, negative stereotypes, and stigma surrounding mental health issues, how technology reinforces the illness, and how artificial intelligence can be a panacea in its cure.
Gift Kenneth  |  Mar 10, 2022
Evolution of AI in Africa
Artificial intelligence is developing rapidly in Africa, enhancing a wide variety of sectors, such as healthcare, energy, agriculture, and finance. Despite several challenges faced by poor infrastructure in Africa, AI has been adaptable to solving many of the continent’s problems on a local level.
Gift Kenneth  |  Nov 11, 2021