Emir Mustafa Isler
Emir Mustafa Isler
Contributor, The Yuan

Emir Mustafa Isler is the host for the Delta Dialog as well as a consultant, editor and recently an MBA student. He’s graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with honors and has founded his own consultancy firm in Shanghai. He is proficient in the fields of Finance, Technology and Social Sciences and is currently based in Turkey.

The intersection of AI and healthcare is dynamic and ever evolving
Domain knowledge
This episode of the Delta Dialog explores the dynamic intersection of AI and healthcare. The Yuan contributor Dr Ahmad Nazzal shares his journey from his early fascination with science and computers to his current work in digital health and AI, particularly in radiology and neuroscience.
Emir Mustafa Isler  |  Jul 16, 2024
Writing, editing AI-related content comes with many challenges
Domain knowledge
This episode of the Delta Dialog examines the challenges and opportunities of writing and editing AI-related content, the intersection of AI and linguistics, and ethical considerations in AI research from the perspective of Jack Kotin, one of The Yuan's editors..
Emir Mustafa Isler  |  Jul 09, 2024
The intersection of writing, editing, and AI sheds light on the future of work
New era
This episode of the Delta Dialog dives into the intriguing intersection of AI with translation, writing, and editing. Our guest, Jack Kotin, brings a wealth of experience to the table as an economist, linguist, and editor for The Yuan.
Emir Mustafa Isler  |  Jul 02, 2024
The history of The Yuan's Delta Dialog podcast will guide its future path
In this special episode of the Delta Dialog, host Emir Mustafa discusses the origins, purpose, and format of the podcast. The episode does not feature guest speakers but provides an in-depth look at the Delta Dialog itself, the changes to the program format, and the vision for future episodes.
Emir Mustafa Isler  |  Jun 25, 2024