Geoff Mulgan
Geoff Mulgan
Contributor, The Yuan

Geoff Mulgan is a professor at University College London and the author of Big Mind:How Collective Intelligence Can Change Our World.

Green AI Needs Free-Range ‘Data Commons’
Climate change and tackling this crisis is an ongoing debate, whether in discussions at the dinner table, as highlighted in the media, or discoursed upon by global leaders. But one thing is clear: habits need to change to tackle the climate emergency. Geoff Mulgan discusses the role of Big Data and artificial intelligence in building a sustainable world for the future and argues that it will need free access to data to realize its potential in this regard.
Geoff Mulgan  |  Nov 03, 2021
The Game Changer Beyond AI
It doesn’t help that, for all of the extraordinary hype about AI, much of the investment in this domain has focused on military applications and manipulative ways to target propaganda and advertisements. No wonder people feel vulnerable and anxious. Fortunately, there are ways for us to develop a better relationship with the extraordinary technologies that are coming online and to the market.
Geoff Mulgan  |  Jun 29, 2021