Jennifer Dunphy
Jennifer Dunphy
Contributor, The Yuan

Dr. Jennifer Dunphy is Chief Population Health Officer and Senior Vice President for one of Southern California’s largest independent physician associations, a 600,000 member full-risk managed care organization in California with a network of 32,000 specialists and 8,000 primary care physicians. Jennifer works to help solve the major public health problems that affect her organization’s diverse membership. These include challenges such as housing stability, food insecurity, healthcare access, chronic disease management, and behavioral health issues. Jennifer was recently selected as one of Modern Healthcare’s Top Emerging Leaders for 2019 and by Becker’s Hospital Review as one of the Top Chief Population Health Officers for 2019.

AI, ML Make Predictions, Stratify Risks in Healthcare
One of the most effective ways to reduce healthcare costs is to prevent readmission of its high-cost patients into hospital. Jennifer Dunphy looks at the different models used to prevent these readmissions, including the area under the curve, to resolve this conundrum.
Jennifer Dunphy,  |  Oct 06, 2021
COVID-19: Who is to Blame and What’s Next?
It is no surprise COVID-19 hit the US healthcare system hard. Top infectious disease experts have been sounding the alarm on a novel virus for decades, yet we were still woefully unprepared. To point a finger of blame at the US public health system is harsh. It has a thankless job, it only gets criticized and never praised, despite its sterling work keeping the public in general fit and well.
Jennifer Dunphy,  |  Aug 30, 2021
Mr Darby’s AI Healthcare Journey Ends Sugar-Free
The US healthcare system continues to lose millions of dollars in avoidable inpatient care despite massive funding. To build a reliable, sustainable, and effective US healthcare system one must understand how population health breaks down into its constituents. First, a system for delivering care to many people is needed. Second, the means to build, maintain and improve the system is required. Lastly, engaging with target populations is required, those individuals receiving the care.
Jennifer Dunphy,  |  Aug 09, 2021