Eduard Musinschi
Eduard Musinschi
Contributor, The Yuan

Eduard Musinschi is a specialist in digital health and founder of longevity organizations and Telewellness UK. He is one of the initiators of the American Association of Precision Medicine’s Coronavirus Task Force.

AI turbocharges health data mining, enhances lifespans, healthspans
AI is increasingly making healthcare more personalized by enabling mining and analysis of more health data, and enhancing healthspans and lifespans so people stay healthier for longer, per digital health expert Eduard Musinschi and health psychology researcher Lorena Antonovici.
Lorena Antonovici, Eduard Musinschi  |  Oct 12, 2023
AI is changing the game and leading to more biotech breakthroughs
Ever since the integration of AI into biotech began in earnest, many advances have taken place at a pace that would have seemed impossible even just a few years ago. This promises to speed up drug development, lower costs, and raise efficiency, among other benefits.
Lorena Antonovici, Eduard Musinschi  |  Sep 14, 2023
Modern telebehavioral health technologies
Telehealth services have evolved from simple Zoom conversations between medical professionals and patients to cover a much broader range of digital health services. In great demand among governments and patients, they are set to continue to proliferate and become ever more sophisticated as an effective means of cutting costs while helping patients better maintain and even improve their physical and cognitive health.
Eduard Musinschi  |  Nov 25, 2022
COVID experts have solutions for the aging immune system
During their studies of COVID-19 and the organ damage it can cause, experts have learned more about organs themselves, as well as the human immune system and immune responses to pathogens and are devising ways to slow or even reverse the decline in aging immune systems.
Eduard Musinschi  |  Aug 11, 2022