George Mastorakos
George Mastorakos
Contributor, The Yuan

George Mastorakos is a healthcare professional, translational healthcare informaticist and biomimicry specialist. He helps build what lies at the crossroads between state-of-the-art AI methods and optimal patient care, such as advanced clinical decision support and patient portal message triaging algorithms.

Drifting data: post-deployment considerations - clinical MLOps*
What happens after a model is built and deployed and is in use by clinical stakeholders? Changes in patient data and their relationships are ineluctable, and models must be maintained, surveilled, and adapted accordingly to continue performing well. This is the world of Machine Learning Operations.
George Mastorakos  |  Jul 19, 2022
Multimodal Model Architectures May Enhance Clinical AI Performance
Domain knowledge
George Mastorakos believes combining data types into what are called "multimodal models" may be the key to moving clinical artificial intelligence into the next phase of better performance and broader applicability of clinical decision-making.
George Mastorakos  |  Feb 07, 2022
Explainable AI Builds Trust at the Clinician-Machine Interface
Domain knowledge
Trust is at the center of all healthy relationships, including patient-clinician and clinician-machine ones. If trust is not at the foundation of the clinician-machine relationship, useful AI algorithms will not see the light of day. The way to build this trust is through AI healthcare teams showing patients how it works.
George Mastorakos  |  Oct 12, 2021
Securing Patient Records with Blockchain Technology
Domain knowledge
The ubiquitous adoption of modern electronic health records has fostered the storage, management, and sharing of virtually all of an individual’s protected health information. This includes everything from a patient’s address to their heart rate variability during a morning run to X-ray images. However, without proper security measures, these capabilities are merely digital castles made of sand.
George Mastorakos  |  Sep 01, 2021