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A day in the life of Patricia in 2045
By David Wood  |  Jul 18, 2022
A day in the life of Patricia in 2045
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Given the great changes in our society wrought by AI, and all the new possibilities, one can only imagine what life might be like in the future. The future life of this woman, Patricia, may seem impossible today, but is an example of how things once thought to be mere fantasy very quickly become reality.

LONDON - A note to readers: Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) has been in existence since 2036.

The music started quietly, and gradually became louder. Patricia’s lips formed into a warm smile of recognition as she awoke from her sleep. That music meant only one thing: her great grandson, Byron, was calling her.

Patricia would normally already be awake by this time of the morning. However, the previous night she had been playing the latest version of 4D Scrabble with some neighbors in her accommodation block. This new release had been endlessly fascinating, provoking lots of laughter and good-spirited, competitive rivalry. It’s marvelous how the software behind 4D Scrabble keeps improving, Patricia thought to herself. After playing for many hours, the group had finally called it a night at three-thirty in the morning.

Her mind-phone knew not to disturb her while she was sleeping, unless it was an emergency or a special exception. Byron was one of these exceptions. The music that preceded his call had been Byron’s favorite back in 2026, and had been one of the first songs entirely written by an artificial intelligence to top the hit parade. For his call-ahead music, Byron used a version of that song he had adapted by himself, reflecting some of the quirks of his personality.

Hello young man, she thought into her mind-phone. To what do I owe the pleasure of this call?

But Patricia already knew the answer. This was no ordinary day. It was a day she had never expected to experience during most of her long life.

Happy Birthday Great Grandma! The thoughts appeared deep inside Patricia’s head via a mechanism that still seemed magical to her. 115 years young today! Congratulations!

Byron’s voice was joined by several others from her extended family. Patricia reached for her mind-glasses and put them on to

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