Scott Burk
Scott Burk
Contributor, The Yuan

Scott Burk is the founder of It’s All Analytics where he advises companies on creating the optimal data, AI and analytics architecture to maximize their objectives. His expertise is in solving difficult AI, statistical and analytical problems. He teaches data science at City University New York and is the author of four books on AI.

Algorithms, algorithms, algorithms
Domain knowledge
AI and analytics expert Scott Burk took a close look at the true nature of models and how they work in his first article in this series. He now turns his focus on algorithms, questioning what precisely they are, and what their key function is in many technical fields.
Scott Burk  |  Dec 05, 2022
Models, models, models
Talk about models has always abounded, especially in recent years. AI models, ML models, statistical models, and others. People often use these terms in a very general sense, but what is a model, actually? The world deals with models unconsciously, all the time. Without them, people would have a hard time navigating their way through life.
Scott Burk  |  Nov 28, 2022