Claudia Schettini
Claudia Schettini
Contributor, The Yuan

Claudia Schettini studied International Security with majors in Diplomacy and European Affairs at Sciences PoShe, Paris. She is currently a PhD candidate in Human Rights and Global Politics at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Italy, where she is researching sentiments' recognition as a new challenge for bio-technological hybridation as well as the relative impacts on International Security. She has worked at the Atlantic Treaty Association in the department of defence and security where she carried out research on cybersecurity and climate change-migrations issues for one year. Claudia is part of the 2021 WIIS Global Next Generation Symposium.

Italy’s Strategy for an Embedded, Human-Centered AI
Italy was a little slow to embrace new AI technologies and lagged well behind its European counterparts when the AI Big Bang suddenly burst onto the scene less than a decade ago. Claudia Schettini picks up the baton on how Italy got up to speed by establishing a National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence.
Claudia Schettini,  |  Oct 14, 2021