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Fujitsu pushes AI, genome therapies to spot, treat cancer, expert tells The Yuan
By Priya Dialani  |  Oct 19, 2022
Fujitsu pushes AI, genome therapies to spot, treat cancer, expert tells The Yuan
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AI expert and entrepreneur Priya Dialani relates to The Yuan how Fujitsu Research is making healthcare more effective with AI, especially in cancer treatments. Genomic medicine and therapies - AI-driven individualized treatments based on individuals’ unique genomic sequences - also hold huge potential for breakthroughs.

MUMBAI - There are no limitations on the strides that artificial intelligence (AI) is making in healthcare and, when it comes to the management of chronic diseases like cancer, AI greatly enhances detection and diagnosis. Cancer is one of the world’s leading causes of death and, according to the World Health Organization, around 10 million deaths were recorded in 2020 due to cancer, the most common types of which are those of the lungs, breast, rectum, and colon.1

Treating cancer effectively requires early detection to prevent the spread of cancer cells to other parts of the body. Detecting cancer early used to be very difficult, but AI has effectively risen to the challenge, primarily through cancer genome therapies. These therapies are already effectively treating cancer, but AI can provide a further boost to their efficacy.

This is evident from the achievements of Fujitsu and the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Tokyo, who have used AI-powered language processing technology to create a knowledge database of 860,000 medical papers. This technology reduces the time needed to create genetic mutation treatment plans by more than 50 percent, cutting the amount of examination work from 6,000 hours to about 3,000.

Fujitsu is a Japanese information technology (IT) company that formed in 1935, and its IT services business is number one in market share in Japan and in the top tier worldwide. The company’s purpose is to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation, and it does this by connecting people, technology, and ideas to create a more sustainable world where anyone can advance their dreams. Fujitsu is capitalizing on various key technologies to achieve a more sustainable world, including computing technology, network technology, artificial intelligence

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