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Who needs governments? AI prompts the question already on the minds of many
By Naseem Javed  |  May 10, 2024
Who needs governments? AI prompts the question already on the minds of many
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The world is seriously underachieving, and countries everywhere must now redouble their efforts to attract FDI, make full use of their entrepreneurs and other talents, and take advantage of the opportunities AI provides. Naseem Javed, an expert on new ways of thinking, weighs in.

TORONTO - Many governments already do at least an adequate job of managing politics and national security but, for various countries, fly-blown bureaucratic administrations remain their single largest entities.

Thanks to digitalization on a massive scale, the profiles and performances of these organizations gain in visibility as the power of digital bleach fully exposes them, making it easier to gauge how these bloated bodies hold their nations back and prevent them from fully exploiting national productivity, performance, and profitability.

Lumbering bureaucracies’ sluggish AI adoption

An intriguing question of late is whether bureaucracies will utilize the full power of AI and deploy high-speed performance teams with innovative approaches - or simply study the topic and prepare for the next decade. One might just let AI decide that answer and submit a one-page recommendation. If this does not do the trick, is this because countries are addressing the wrong questions, or do they just need more real answers? One almost needs binoculars to observe the commonality of problems and, equally, the commonality of solutions in 100 countries in the free world. 

Africa’s immigration crisis

Speaking of the free world, why does the European Commission have an African economic refugee crisis? The global immigration problem is not a crisis of customs control in foreign lands, but something that starts with economic blindness, strangling local opportunities and forcing the national citizenry to fly out on migratory missions. The immigration crisis is more about a lack of economic opportunities, and the economic crisis is more about a lack of special skills for mobilizing national entrepreneurialism. The European immigration crisis and African opport

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