Gil Press
Gil Press
Contributor, The Yuan

Gil Press is managing partner at gPress, a marketing, publishing, research and education consultancy. In his earlier work, he commissioned one of the first studies to quantify the amount of data created worldwide, leading to his current coverage of the latest developments in artificial intelligence.

NLP breakthroughs may advance healthcare practice
AI healthcare applications have succeeded in analyzing data to discover new insights and help healthcare professionals do their jobs better. Natural language processing promises to take this a step further by analyzing unstructured data such as written text in patients’ health records, which will result in even more in-depth insights and better, more accurate healthcare decisions, predicts AI commentator Gil Press.
Gil Press  |  Jan 06, 2023
What is next for digital health?
The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed healthcare, forcing it to digitalize and become more at-home, a change which is now going beyond telehealth and remote monitoring to providing hospital-level care at home. Big Tech is also moving beyond health apps and into mainstream healthcare, a development which holds huge ramifications for the industry.
Gil Press  |  Nov 07, 2022
The Yuan Retrospective on 2022 AI - Healthcare is finally becoming more digitized
Retrospective on 2022 AI
Gil Press looks back at his predictions of the evolution of artificial intelligence in 2022. He acknowledges it is difficult to predict the future of science, industry, and healthcare, but believed that data, data, and even more data would play a central role in shaping it in 2022, and now takes a look at whether or not that has been the case.
Gil Press  |  Oct 14, 2022
US must pave way for open medical data
Open Data 2022
AI commentator Gil Press has a modest proposal for the US to emulate the internet and create healthcare open data infrastructure and set standards for its machine readability, as part of The Yuan’s ongoing Open Medical Data series.
Gil Press  |  Jun 27, 2022
10 Observations About the State of AI Healthcare in Q1, 2022
Gil Press examines the impact of artificial intelligence on the healthcare sector in the first quarter of 2022 and how far it has come, asserting that a shift in orientation is called for if the field is to advance from automation to augmentation, and from an emerging technology to a mature one.
Gil Press  |  Apr 07, 2022
The Yuan AI 2022 - Better Data Better Healthcare
The Yuan AI 2022
Gil Press presents the third in a series of articles this week on The Yuan platform predicting the evolution of artificial intelligence in 2022. He acknowledges it is difficult to predict the future of science, industry, and healthcare, but believes data, data, and even more data, will play a central role in shaping it in 2022.
Gil Press  |  Dec 29, 2021
The Landscape of AI and Real-World Evidence
New era
Gil Press breaks down into bite-sized pieces a new pioneering report by The Yuan, Evomics Medical, and Deep Pharma Intelligence on the groundbreaking work being unearthed in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors because of access to real-world data and real-world evidence.
Gil Press  |  Dec 08, 2021
Healthcare AI Conversations are Getting More Strident
Emerging markets
‘It’s good to talk,’ was a popular meme for British Telecom back in the monolog 1990s, but now is more relevant than ever in the digital age. Conversational artificial intelligence solutions have come to the fore, interacting in complex conversations, and providing personalized responses, thus easing the heavy burden on healthcare systems worldwide.
Gil Press  |  Nov 24, 2021
AI, Quantum Computing Speed Drug Discovery
The development of new drugs is a slow, exhaustive, and expensive process that can last over ten years, and often ends in failure. Gil Press investigates the deployment of new AI technologies, techniques, and quantum computing (QC) to transform the procedure to make it faster, easier, and cheaper.
Gil Press  |  Sep 24, 2021
AI Digital Health Platform Improves Chronic Diseases
Digital Health is possibly the most prominent of the technology-driven trends the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically accelerated. The concepts of remote patient monitoring, understanding the social determinants of health, and continuous patient data collection and analysis for early detection, ongoing interaction and intervention, and the use of AI to do all that and more are not novel.
Gil Press  |  Aug 26, 2021
Healing US Healthcare With AI
As the post-pandemic “new normal” takes hold in the US and the country learns to live with COVID-19, the potential for using AI to address some of the long-term deficiencies of the healthcare system in the US has never been greater. Recent progress in AI capabilities, the lessons learned during the pandemic, and new entrepreneurial endeavors, are coalescing into a renewed focus on providing the right treatment at the right time in the most appropriate setting.
Gil Press  |  Aug 02, 2021