Scott Burk
Scott Burk
Contributor, The Yuan

Scott Burk is the founder of It’s All Analytics where he advises companies on creating the optimal data, AI and analytics architecture to maximize their objectives. His expertise is in solving difficult AI, statistical and analytical problems. He teaches data science at City University New York and is the author of four books on AI.

AI is on FHIR, with huge ramifications for healthcare delivery
Many know healthcare and medical research are swiftly evolving, piggybacking on technological advances, but fewer realize much of this shift comes from greater interoperability between various computers and systems. CUNY Data Science Prof Scott Burk introduces game-changing FHIR.
Scott Burk  |  Mar 08, 2024
Causal inference is especially important in AI prescribed medical treatments
In this sixth installment of his ongoing series: AI Prediction, AI Prescription and Causation in Medicine, CUNY Data Science Prof Scott Burk explains the concept of causal inference and pinpoints the key reasons for its critical importance in the realm of AI and its applications.
Scott Burk  |  Nov 22, 2023
Turning predictive models into prescriptive ones is a meticulous process
This article is part five of the ongoing series: AI Prediction, AI Prescription and Causation in Medicine. When transforming predictive models into prescriptive ones, three important considerations must be considered, explains CUNY Data Science Prof Scott Burk.
Scott Burk  |  Sep 01, 2023
The future of AI is bright if humans and machines work hand-in-hand
On day 10, the Yuan’s voyage of intelligent exploration steers for Texas, where everything is larger than life and folks are right friendly - its very name comes from the Caddo Indian word táysha (friends). The 16th century Spanish Conquistadors who first barged into the area were anything but: They attacked and sacked Caddo towns. Spain’s grip slipped when Mexico declared its independence in 1821. Settlers from the infant US led by the Virginian Stephen Austin later overwhelmed the local Spanish-speaking Tejanos by sheer weight of arrivals. Following the epic Battle of the Alamo (1836), the bellicose Anglos wrested Texas away from them in 1837, then joined the US in 1845, only to secede again a mere 16 years later in an even bloodier war for independence - unavailing this time. As with AI, events unfold at warp speed in the Lone Star State, where cowboys in ten-gallon hats morphed overnight into oil barons in homburgs. From its capital, a humming innovation hub named for the ‘Father of Texas,’ CUNY Data Science Prof. Scott Burk posits a future in which humanity and AI are friends, helpmeets making up each other’s shortcomings for the benefit of all.
Scott Burk  |  Jun 30, 2023
Three considerations for turning predictive models prescriptive
This article is part four of the ongoing series: AI Prediction, AI Prescription and Causation in Medicine. Predictive and prescriptive models both have uses but transforming models into prescriptive ones leads to more valuable insights, explains CUNY data science Prof Scott Burk.
Scott Burk  |  Jun 01, 2023
Causation in AI applications in medicine, predictions, and prescriptions
Domain knowledge
This third article in the AI Predictions, AI Prescriptions and Causation in Medicine series addresses questions foremost in healthcare: How likely is the occurrence of events? What must be done to ensure certain outcomes ensue? Predictive AI and prescriptive AI hold the answers.
Scott Burk  |  Apr 03, 2023
Causation: The most misunderstood concept in AI
This article is part two of the ongoing series: AI Prediction, AI Prescription and Causation in Medicine. Just as correlation and causation are often conflated, so too are predictive and prescriptive models. Data science expert and It’s All Analytics founder Scott Burk sheds light on the key differences, which are most applicable to which situations, and how to avoid misapplications.
Scott Burk  |  Feb 21, 2023
Purpose and intent: AI predictions, prescriptions, and causation in medicine
This is an introduction of a nine-part series on predictive and prescriptive AI and ML models in medicine. It introduces key terminology, shows how analytics are used, and the differing levels of human intervention needed, and highlights how clinicians working with AI and ML achieve optimal results, as data science expert and It’s All Analytics founder Scott Burk expounds.
Scott Burk  |  Feb 01, 2023
Algorithms, algorithms, algorithms
Domain knowledge
AI and analytics expert Scott Burk took a close look at the true nature of models and how they work in his first article in this series. He now turns his focus on algorithms, questioning what precisely they are, and what their key function is in many technical fields.
Scott Burk  |  Dec 05, 2022
Models, models, models
Talk about models has always abounded, especially in recent years. AI models, ML models, statistical models, and others. People often use these terms in a very general sense, but what is a model, actually? The world deals with models unconsciously, all the time. Without them, people would have a hard time navigating their way through life.
Scott Burk  |  Nov 28, 2022