Ivana Bartoletti
Ivana Bartoletti
Contributor, The Yuan

Ivana Bartoletti is Technical Director, Privacy at Deloitte. She helps global organisations with their privacy and ethical challenges relating to AI and Big Data.She is author of "An Artificial Revolution, on Power, Politics and AI" and founder of the ‘Women Leading in AI’ network.

Transparency by Deliberation
Calls for greater transparency in the workings of artificial intelligence models have become more strident in recent years. Transparency mitigates issues of fairness, discrimination, and trust, and allows humans to see whether models have been thoroughly tested and make sense, and understand why particular decisions are made. Ivana Bartoletti defines the concept of transparency, those involved in AI development, and those impacted by the system.
Ivana Bartoletti  |  Dec 10, 2021
The Complex Issue of Fairness in AI(Part II)
Ivana Bartoletti poses the question ‘What is fairness?’ as she continues to investigate the complex concept of artificial intelligence bias based on race, sex, and the economy, and proposes possible courses of action to build trust and address these issues.
Ivana Bartoletti  |  Nov 05, 2021
The Complex Issue of Fairness in AI(Part I)
Artificial intelligence bias takes several forms. Ivana Bartoletti investigates the cause and effect of AI bias, and tackles what needs to be done to create trust in AI systems.
Ivana Bartoletti  |  Sep 29, 2021
Challenge of Human Oversight
In the discourse around the use of AI one often hears that humans must remain in the loop. This human oversight element is at the heart of conformity assessments in the recent European Union AI Act. But what does human oversight really mean, and how does it work in practice?
Ivana Bartoletti  |  Aug 12, 2021
EU AI Rules Must Set Transparency at the Top of Their Totem Pole
The European Commission’s recent draft AI regulation ticks off obligations providers, manufacturers, distributors and users must bear, and spans the gamut of players in the AI chain.
Ivana Bartoletti  |  Jul 26, 2021
AI Governance: the EU AI Act What Does It Mean for the Health Sector?
AI solutions are driving the allocation of resources and actively define what individuals are exposed to: from credit scoring to facial recognition, predictive technologies to identifying fraudsters with precision, youth crime prevention tools, and algorithm-driven advertising. How far AI can go is already a reality we live every day.
Ivana Bartoletti  |  Jun 29, 2021