Marcus Ranney
Marcus Ranney
Contributor, The Yuan

Dr Marcus Ranney is a business professional in healthcare and technology. After practicing clinical medicine in London, in 2010, he made the transition to Mumbai working within the healthcare and life-sciences industry as a strategic advisor, investor and operator for a range of multi-national companies and national bellwether firms. A published author, keynote speaker, digital talk show host, and public health commentator, Marcus has been a World Economic Forum global shaper and is currently a senior fellow to the Atlantic Council, working on a project exploring the relationships between climate crisis and global health.

AI-ding Healthcare in India
From a shortage of equipment to a shortage of medicines to a shortage of healthcare professionals, the healthcare system in India has been strained for a long time. But thanks to a dozen or so innovative AI health apps the burden is being lifted.
Marcus Ranney,  |  Oct 13, 2021
Decoding India’s Policy in AI Healthcare
India may have been late to the AI party, but it is fast catching up with a series of government backed initiatives. Dr Marcus Ranney explores India’s national strategy for healthcare.
Marcus Ranney,  |  Oct 11, 2021
The Use of AI in COVID-19 Diagnosis - An Indian Perspective
Emerging Market
India’s healthcare was in dire straits even before COVID-19, with an estimated shortage of 600,000 doctors and 2 million nurses, per a 2019 study. Medical costs push 57 million people into poverty each year, but Artificial Intelligence (AI) is providing hope to the nation in COVID-19 surveillance, diagnosis, and treatment, i.e., the entire cycle from prevention and diagnosis to cure.
Marcus Ranney,  |  Aug 06, 2021
How AI Can Transform Healthcare in Rural India
AI is set to revolutionize poorer countries the most. It has already drastically bettered the service and delivery of healthcare services n richer nations. Yet where it could revolutionize rather than merely better it are parts of the world with bad medical infrastructure, like rural India.
Marcus Ranney,  |  Jul 05, 2021