Pfizer Chief Maps Out Digital Strategy to Enlist AI in Drug Development
By Eleni Natsi  |  Dec 13, 2021
Pfizer Chief Maps Out Digital Strategy to Enlist AI in Drug Development
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Nico Gariboldi, Site Lead of the Pfizer Center for Digital Innovation, talks to The Yuan about the activities, partnerships, and central role in implementing Pfizer’s digital strategy.

ATHENS - In today’s fast-changing world, data is the new oil. The abundance of current data is the fuel that powers artificial intelligence (AI), which will continue to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry in the coming years.

Pfizer, one of the world’s biggest pharma companies, is already using AI and predictive analytics to develop its medicines, and real-world evidence (RWE), including data from electronic health records, registries and insurance records, to paint a more holistic picture of how a new pharmaceutical may impact patients’ lives. 

RWE in particular, is a fast-growing industry with an expected 40 percent annual growth rate, according to a joint report by Deep Pharma Intelligence, The Yuan, and Evomics Medical.1

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Pfizer Chief Executive Albert Bourla - a Thessaloniki native - on October 12 officially inaugurated two separate centers: the Center for Digital Innovation (CDI) and Pfizer’s Global Center for Business Operations and Services, both in Thessaloniki.

The CDI, which launched only about a year ago, is already key to implementing Pfizer’s digital transformation model by digitizing drug discovery and development and delivering patient-centric solutions using machine learning, data science and process automation.  

Pfizer’s total investment in the two state-of-the-art centers is expected to contribute 650 million euros (US$733 million) to the local economy and create some 700 jobs.2

The Yuan spoke with Nico Gariboldi, Site Lead of the Pfizer Center for Digital Innovation, to learn more about its activities, partnerships, and its central role in implementing Pfizer’s digital strategy. 

1)The Yuan: Can you tell us about the reasons behind your choice of Greece,

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