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VR, geolocation in 3D Earth metaverses upend gaming, education, commerce
By Alina Tudorache  |  May 24, 2024
VR, geolocation in 3D Earth metaverses upend gaming, education, commerce
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The surge of VR and metaverses has recently ebbed, but the tideline separating virtual worlds from the real one is blurring as new tech allows users to experience our planet, gaming and other areas of endeavor in novel ways, writes thought leader Alina Tudorache.

BUCHAREST - In this age of virtual reality (VR) and immersive gaming, a new technological feature is emerging, one where the virtual world intersects with the real one in unprecedented ways. Welcome to the era of three-dimensional (3D) Earth metaverses, where the and platforms use artificial intelligence (AI) and geolocation data to create immersive digital landscapes that blur the lines between fantasy and reality.1

At the forefront of this technological revolution is, a platform that redefines the concept of virtual travel.2 Powered by AI and satellite data, recreates the planet in stunning detail, allowing users to explore iconic landmarks, bustling cities, and remote natural wonders from the comfort of their own homes. Whether scaling the heights of Mount Everest or strolling Paris’ boulevards, users can experience the world like never before, all within a hyper-realistic virtual environment.

The geolocation metaverse’s most important AI elements encompass a range of features that enhance user experience, interaction, and exploration, research results from’s personal AI lab projects department show.

Satellite data integration’s AI processes and integrates satellite data to ensure the virtual recreation of Earth is as accurate and detailed as possible. This foundational element lets users explore storied landmarks, cities, and natural wonders with unmatched realism and fidelity.

Geolocation syncing

AI syncs with global positioning system coordinates so users can navigate the virtual world based on their real-world location, adding

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