Sahika Betul Yayli
Sahika Betul Yayli
Contributor, The Yuan

Sahika Betul Yayli is an AI and machine-learning engineer at Turkcell, one of the biggest technology companies in Turkey. She develops many projects in different AI disciplines, with a special focus on healthcare. Her main goal is to adapt technological developments to human life. 

Ethics and AI in medicine: Essentials every modern doctor should know
This second in a two-part series covers the most important considerations that doctors and other medical professionals should be aware of as AI and other new tech increasingly integrate into the healthcare terrain. AI and ML engineer and medical doctor Sahika Betul Yayli lays it out in plain terms.
Sahika Betul Yayli  |  Sep 26, 2023
What do doctors really need to know about ethical considerations of AI?
AI use poses an battery of ethical questions, although trying to address them is daunting even for professionals who work with the tech every day. AI and ML engineer Sahika Betul Yayli lays out practical guidelines for reference in this first in a two-part series.
Sahika Betul Yayli  |  Sep 19, 2023
What do doctors really need to know about AI? Here are several key points
Domain knowledge
AI has greatly impacted the healthcare sector, though many physicians remain unaware of the extent of its capabilities. Doctors and other medical professionals do not necessarily need to become AI experts, though they should bear in mind a few key points.
Sahika Betul Yayli  |  Jun 16, 2023