David Wood
David Wood
Contributor, The Yuan

David W. Wood was one of the pioneers of the smartphone industry, co-founding Symbian in 1998. Software written by his teams has been included on half a billion smartphones. He has chaired London Futurists since 2008 and is the author or lead editor of 11 books on futurist and techno-progressive topics.

Democratic AI Governance - with Rufo Guerreschi and David Wood
In the second part of our conversation with Rufo Guerreschi, we look into the challenges of implementing a broad AI consortium and hurdles in creating sustainable initiatives, addressing environmental impacts, and ensuring democratic governance.
Emir Mustafa Isler  |  Jun 03, 2024
Trustless Computing Paradigms - with Rufo Guerreschi and David Wood
This episode of the Delta Dialog unpacks Trustless Computing Paradigms and AI governance and looks into trustless computing principles and their impact on IT security. Listen as Rufo Guerreschi, a pioneer in AI risk initiatives and our guest speaker today, unravels the intricacies and lays out the global implications.
Emir Mustafa Isler  |  May 27, 2024
Embracing AI, Blockchain in Trade Finance - with Anthony Abad and David Wood
Part Two of The Yuan’s talk with international trade lawyer Anthony Abad probes the global implications of AI and blockchain for trade finance, and their synergy, data governance issues, ethics guidelines, adaptable legal frameworks, and capacity building in developing nations.
Emir Mustafa Isler  |  May 20, 2024
Legal Frameworks in International Trade - with Anthony Abad and David Wood
Today’s episode investigates AI's transformative role in international trade, and its need for new legal frameworks, as we look into how AI optimizes trade processes globally. Listen in to our guest speaker Anthony Abad as we divine the future of digital trade.
Emir Mustafa Isler  |  May 13, 2024
Flying Cars - Part 2 - with Chuck Martin and David Wood
Exploring electric aerial vehicles' impact, we dissect logistics and privacy concerns. Host Emir Mustafa and co-host David Wood, joined by guest Chuck Martin, tackle regulations, supply chains, and future travel implications, shedding light on this transformative technology in the second part of the conversation on Flying Cars.
Delta Dialog  |  Apr 19, 2024
Flying Cars - with Chuck Martin and David Wood
This episode explores the Electric Aerial Vehicle Revolution with host Emir Mustafa, commentator David Wood, and author of “Flying Vehicles” Chuck Martin. Tune in for insights on transforming travel as they discuss the pivotal technological advancements that bring flying cars and air taxis closer to daily reality.
Delta Dialog  |  Apr 12, 2024
Bridging Bytes and Biology - with Richard Dasselaar and David Wood
In today’s episode on the Delta Dialog, we investigate the ethical considerations Asimov's laws provoke, the game-changing AI technologies on the horizon for healthcare, the critical role of interdisciplinary partnerships, and the pressing need for a new breed of professionals adept in both AI and medical sciences.
Delta Dialog  |  Mar 29, 2024
AI’s cyclical journey - with Gil Press and David Wood
In today’s episode on the Delta Dialog, we look into the cyclical nature of AI's progress, the evolving public perception, the critical role of international cooperation, and the invaluable lessons from past setbacks.
Delta Dialog  |  Mar 22, 2024
Finding the balance with AI - with Richard Dasselaar and David Wood
In today’s episode on the Delta Dialog, we look into the nuances of achieving a balance, highlighting key considerations in AI governance, impactful elements of the EU's AI Act for healthcare, and real-world instances where prioritizing effectiveness over mere accuracy proves pivotal in advancing medical AI solutions.
Delta Dialog  |  Mar 15, 2024
Misconceptions and AI - with Gil Press and David Wood
In today’s episode on the Delta Dialog, we delve into misconceptions and AI that range from overestimating AI's capabilities and misunderstanding the historical development process, to confusing AI with automation.
Delta Dialog  |  Mar 08, 2024
Crafting the Future with Generative AI - with Elliot Leavy and David Wood
In the exploration of the intricacies and impacts of Generative AI, our upcoming discussion delves deep into the ethical, creative, and societal aspects of this transformative technology.
Delta Dialog  |  Jan 12, 2024
AI’s Expanding Role Across Sectors - with Sanjeev Shetty and David Wood
In this episode, we explore the applications of AI and robotics beyond hospitality and healthcare, delving into the realms of education, workforce development, and ethical considerations.
Delta Dialog  |  Jan 05, 2024
Generative AI in Business and Beyond - with Elliot Leavy and David Wood
In this episode, we explore insights on the transformative impact of Generative AI across various industries, the ethical landscapes surrounding its advancement, and the future of employment in an AI-driven world.
Delta Dialog  |  Dec 28, 2023
AI, Robots and Hospitality - with Sanjeev Shetty and David Wood
In this episode, we delve into the transformative role of AI and robotics in the hospitality industry, enhancing guest experiences through efficiency and personalization. Join us in uncovering the dynamic interplay of technology, human touch, and care in these evolving sectors.
Delta Dialog  |  Dec 21, 2023
The Digital Visionary - with Moein Shariatnia and David Wood
In this episode, we discuss AI models reshaping diabetic retinopathy diagnosis and management, addressing challenges with enhanced accuracy. Real-world studies validate their effectiveness, often outperforming manual grading. Tune in to listen why the convergence of medical and machine learning expertise becomes increasingly crucial for future healthcare professionals.
Delta Dialog  |  Dec 07, 2023
Precision in Practice - with Simone Castello and David Wood
In this episode, we explore the dynamic landscape of modern healthcare, delve into the accelerating growth of the global surgical robotics market and the symbiotic benefits they bestow upon patients and medical practitioners alike. Tune in to uncover the intersection of cutting-edge technology and crucial healthcare issues in this insightful exploration.
Delta Dialog  |  Nov 30, 2023
AI-driven Healthcare - with Moein Shariatnia and David Wood
The dynamic landscape of AI in healthcare has witnessed a remarkable shift from single-task models to the emergence of powerful multimodal deep learning models. Tune in as we navigate the intersection of technology and healthcare, highlighting both the promises and pitfalls in the journey toward a more efficient and patient-centric medical future.
Delta Dialog  |  Nov 23, 2023
AI Development and Genomics - with Simone Castello and David Wood
Dive into the future of technology and healthcare as we explore the dynamic intersection of AI development and genomics with Simone Castello, a seasoned writer and digital marketing expert based in Cambridge, UK.
Delta Dialog  |  Nov 17, 2023
The Med-Tech World Summit - with Dylan Attard and David Wood
In today’s episode we discover the Med-Tech World Summit, a global platform at the forefront of healthtech innovation, connecting thought leaders, healthcare professionals, and entrepreneurs in the pursuit of groundbreaking solutions and change within the healthcare industry.
Delta Dialog  |  Nov 10, 2023
Health tech and innovation in healthcare - with Dylan Attard and David Wood
Health tech, at the intersection of healthcare and technology, is revolutionizing the way we approach, deliver, and experience healthcare.. In this episode, we explore the latest developments, challenges, and opportunities in the ever-evolving world of health tech.
Delta Dialog  |  Nov 03, 2023
Anger management in the digital age - with Disha Ganguli and David Wood
In this episode, we discover the AI-driven revolution in anger management such as precise diagnosis, innovative treatments, and stigma reduction. Explore how AI is reshaping the way we approach and address anger-related challenges, ushering in a new era of emotional well-being.
Delta Dialog  |  Oct 26, 2023
The Intersection of AI and Mental Health - with Disha Ganguli and David Wood
In this episode, we delve into the dynamic world of AI and mental health with Disha Ganguli. Discover the profound influence of AI on mental health, its potential to revolutionize ADHD management, and the complex challenges it faces.
Delta Dialog  |  Oct 20, 2023
Catalyst or Conundrum - with Nigel Morris-Cotterill and David Wood
How is the widespread adoption of AI influencing financial crime? Is it empowering fraudsters or enhancing risk management and regulatory compliance? Today’s episode on the Delta Dialog tries to explore AI's Impact on Financial Crime, Risk, and Regulations.
Delta Dialog  |  Oct 02, 2023
Navigating the Blurred Lines - with Nigel Morris-Cotterill and David Wood
Does AI truly possess intelligence, or is it primarily advanced data processing and pattern recognition? Explore the blurred lines in today’s episode on Delta Dialog.
Delta Dialog  |  Sep 23, 2023
Horizons of AI: Personal assistants - with Satyen K. Bordoloi and David Wood
Unveiling the AI frontier with a focus on personal assistants, this episode navigates the ethical intricacies they bring and the shifting career dynamics in an increasingly AI-powered world. Join us as we delve into the expanding role of AI in daily life.
Delta Dialog  |  Sep 07, 2023
From abacus to singularity: AI’s boundless potential -  with Satyen K. Bordoloi and David Wood
Exploring the transformation of AI's capabilities, from a humble abacus metaphor to the brink of singularity. Satyen Bordoloi delves into ethical obligations guiding tech pioneers in shaping AI's destiny.
Delta Dialog  |  Aug 31, 2023
Data democracy - with Bart de Witte and David Wood
In today’s episode of the Delta Dialog podcast we discuss data democracy as it empowers individuals by ensuring that data ownership and access are decentralized, enabling everyone to have a say in its use. This equitable distribution fosters innovation, transparency, and inclusivity, shaping a future where data-driven insights benefit society as a whole.
Delta Dialog  |  Aug 24, 2023
The power of Open-Source AI - with Bart de Witte and David Wood
Meet Bart de Witte, CEO of HIPPO AI Foundation, as he navigates the realm of open-source AI and its potential in healthcare. Discover how data ownership, regenerative AI, and community benefits intertwine in today’s episode of the Delta Dialog podcast.
Delta Dialog  |  Aug 18, 2023
Nine questions about ‘The Death of Death’
“It is sweet and proper to die,” declared Roman poet Horace. Here with a very different take on that proposition comes The Yuan contributor David Wood, who argues in a new co-authored book The Death of Death that mortality is by no means a biologically foreordained inevitability.
David Wood  |  Jul 19, 2023
Open Medical Data - Digitization, AI Integration, and Ethical Considerations
There is great potential for integrating AI and digitization in healthcare, as well as ethical issues. In the second part of our converstation, Rohitashva Agrawal discusses the hurdles of adopting new technology, "boring" advancements, lifelong learning, the value of teamwork, and emerging trends.
Delta Dialog  |  Jul 14, 2023
Open Medical Data - Transforming Healthcare: AI, ChatGPT, Blockchain, and the Metaverse
Blockchain, the metaverse, chatGPT, AI, and other technologies could revolutionize healthcare. Discover the difficulties and possibilities raised by Rohitashva Agrawal as we examine how to combine innovation and regulation, make use of medical data, and ensure data security in the age of health applications.
Delta Dialog  |  Jul 07, 2023
Open Medical Data - Safety, myths and the potential of AI
Exploring the moral ramifications, equality issues, and fascinating potential of combining AI and open medical data in healthcare. Listen more as we explore patient safety, healthcare inequities, myths, regulatory roles, and the revolutionary potential of AI.
Delta Dialog  |  Jun 29, 2023
Open Medical Data - AI, Open Data, and Healthcare Transformation for Marginalized Populations
Investigating the transformational potential of AI and open medical data. Addressing biases, enhancing patient care, and releasing genetic insights for pharmaceutical research. Join us as we explore the exciting world of AI, open data, and its effects on underrepresented groups.
Delta Dialog  |  Jun 22, 2023
Open Medical Data - AI in healthcare: balancing opportunities and ethical challenges
Open medical data and AI offer benefits in healthcare and workforce planning. However, ethical challenges around privacy, bias, transparency, and autonomy must be addressed. It's vital to use AI responsibly to improve patient outcomes and resource allocation.
Delta Dialog  |  May 11, 2023
Open Medical Data - Revolutionizing health workforce planning
The healthcare industry faces numerous challenges in the health workforce and health systems, from shortages of qualified personnel to increasing demands for quality care. These issues require innovative solutions to ensure a sustainable and effective healthcare system for all.
Delta Dialog  |  Apr 27, 2023
Open Medical Data -  OMD in the US: “Nonexistent with a caveat.”
In this episode Gil Press, David Wood and Emir M. Isler explore the underdevelopment of open medical data in the United States, and the challenges faced by patients who are seeking greater access to their own medical information.
Delta Dialog  |  Apr 06, 2023
Open Medical Data – Being left behind? Pros and Cons of Digital Health in the USA
Digital health tech is upending US healthcare delivery. From wearables that track vital signs to remote consultations with doctors, tech will improve patient outcomes, cut costs, and open access to care, but concerns abound over data privacy and worsened healthcare disparities.
Delta Dialog  |  Mar 23, 2023
Open Medical Data – Into the hype of 2023: ChatGPT
Open medical data and AI are key to easing future pandemics. Tracking a disease guides resource allocation and target interventions, e.g., COVID-19 data enabled severely at-risk groups to be flagged, leading to vaccines and campaigns to shield them, but averting a pandemic needs infrastructure and political will. Ethics are also a factor in shared medical data.
Delta Dialog  |  Mar 09, 2023
Open Medical Data – AI: A money making machine?
AI in healthcare improves patient outcomes, optimizes delivery, and cuts costs. In 2023, AI is set to greatly impact open medical data - a key resource for researchers and healthcare professionals to devise better treatments in tandem with AI data analysis and interpretation.
Delta Dialog  |  Feb 24, 2023
The Yuan AI 2023: Transitioning from narrow AI to broad AI
The Yuan AI 2023
AI programs and tech have grabbed headlines with their ability to perform demanding tasks, but until now most have been limited to narrow specialties, lacking the ability to execute a wider variety of tasks across many fields. 2023 may very well prove to be the year this changes.
David Wood  |  Dec 19, 2022
Open Medical Data - The European Strategy: a waste of time or due diligence?
Europe is a top AI player but is also notorious for regulation. This third episode of the Delta Dialog talks Europe’s open medical data and AI. The tech is new, so rules and policy lag. The European Health Data Space, Data Act, GDPR and new AI Act thus all demand major attention.
Delta Dialog  |  Dec 18, 2022
Open Medical Data - A fairytale or the future?
This second episode of the Delta Dialog deals with a very different perspective on open medical data than the first session, namely the difficulty of the challenges to be overcome. These are data quality, utility of AI within open medical data, policy, funding, and human capital.
Delta Dialog  |  Dec 09, 2022
Open Medical Data - What is it and how does it work?
Delta Dialog is The Yuan’s brand new podcast series, and its first topic of conversation is open medical data. Medicine is a very important topic in today’s society and AI and data play a very big role in many of the processes applied within the industry, from micro to macro levels.
Delta Dialog  |  Nov 22, 2022
A day in the life of Patricia in 2045
New era
Given the great changes in our society wrought by AI, and all the new possibilities, one can only imagine what life might be like in the future. The future life of this woman, Patricia, may seem impossible today, but is an example of how things once thought to be mere fantasy very quickly become reality.
David Wood  |  Jul 18, 2022