David H. Freedman
David H. Freedman
Contributor, The Yuan

David H. Freedman is an award-winning science journalist covering health and technology. He is a regular contributor to Scientific America, Forbes and Technology Review. He founded and edited a website covering the global healthcare industry and is the author of a book on artificial intelligence.

AI, VR Team to Spruce Up Healthcare Sector
New Era
In the past few years virtual reality has made a huge leap forward, thanks to the latest state-of-the-art technology. David H Freedman discusses the rise of VR and its increasing role alongside artificial intelligence to deliver significant improvements in healthcare.
David H. Freedman  |  Oct 25, 2021
AI's Data Problem
US-based hospital network Kaiser Permanente unveiled an experimental AI system two years ago that can do a better job than psychiatrists and therapists at predicting which patients are most at risk of a suicide attempt within three months. This was a ground-breaking discovery but the big challenge in the field still remains the same: getting access to far more data than is currently accessible to most AI projects.
David H. Freedman  |  Aug 23, 2021