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PwC exec cites ‘crucial’ safeguards to fight cyberattacks
By Ben Armour  |  Feb 13, 2023
PwC exec cites ‘crucial’ safeguards to fight cyberattacks
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For virtually every company nowadays, incorporating digital solutions and offerings of their products and services is essential, both to avoid being left in their rivals’ dust and to arm themselves with the latest digital weapons to fight off cyberattacks and other threats in this brave new digital world, Wilson Chow, PwC’s global TMT leader, explained to The Yuan.

LONDON - Wilson Chow heads PwC’s global technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) industry practice, where he is also the TMT industry leader for the firm’s Mainland China and Hong Kong practices. Chow has worked in the public accounting practice in these areas for over 30 years. He has abundant experience in providing assurance and advisory services to companies in the TMT industry, ranging from startups to global tech giants, for capital market transactions, assurance engagements, systems and controls advisory, and deals.

He has also led and supported the PwC global network across all lines of service - Assurance, Taxation and Advisory - to provide one-step professional services to companies in the Technology, Media, and Telecom sector, and to clients seeking to remold themselves by digitalization. Chow is a practicing member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Accountants, the China Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

With his rich experience in the TMT industry, his primary focus is on whether the technology deployed by corporations and other entities in their products and services incorporates the latest disruptive technologies, whether on a stand-alone basis or in combination.

In a chat with The Yuan, Chow shared his insights on the current terrain of the telecom industry and on ways firms can shield their assets amid burgeoning cyberattacks. “The digital knowledge and capabilities of corporations must be strengthened or enhanced. Companies need to invest in technology and upskill the technical capabilities of their workforce,” he said.

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