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NITI Aayog to make India an AI-driven healthcare economy
By Priya Dialani  |  Jul 26, 2022
NITI Aayog to make India an AI-driven healthcare economy
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The Government of India is pushing various initiatives to turn the country into a haven of healthcare AI, but entrepreneur and The Yuan contributor Priya Dialani questions when this resolve will actually transform into reality.

MUMBAI - Having the second-largest population globally, India is the fastest-growing country with one of the largest healthcare systems. India’s healthcare is one of the most dynamic sectors, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 22 percent, and will reach USD372 billion in 2022.[1]

Despite the challenges such a vast population can pose, the country provides free and primary healthcare facilities to over 1 billion people.[2] India emerged as a warrior after eradicating polio in 2011, and communicable diseases stooped low to 50 percent by 2016.[3] As an Indian, I am proud to state such facts, but likewise, it is disappointing for me to say that India ranks 112 out of 191 countries in global healthcare systems.[4] Not to forget, infant and pregnancy-related mortality rates are still high.[5]

Further, technological developments are helping India deliver specialized treatments but are unfortunately restricted to only urban areas. In the other India - rural areas struggle to receive essential healthcare services, and health centers are trying hard to live up to their identity. Currently, we can see a contrasting landscape in India’s healthcare system.[6]

The role of AI in India’s healthcare landscape

While Covid-19 has been a catalyst to brin

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