Bart de Witte
Bart de Witte
Contributor, The Yuan

Bart de Witte is a leading and renowned expert on digital transformation in healthcare in Europe, and also one of the most progressive thought leaders in his field. He focuses on developing alternative strategies to create a more desirable future for all of us in a postmodern world. He is the initiator of the Berlin-based non-profit organization HIPPO AI Foundation. This organization aims to make artificial intelligence in medicine a community asset, creating a foundation for a sustainable and equitable society. Bart's goal is to use technology for the common good by preventing future information asymmetries between private organizations and individuals, thereby reducing future health care disparities. Bart is a Fellow at the Institute for Exponential Technologies and Desirable Futures,

The Democratization of Medical AI
The future of healthcare is uncertain until we know who owns the life-saving information generated from data extracted from our bodies, and who owns the data generated from machine learning applications related to medical diagnostic research. HIPPO AI founder Barte de Witte examines the only two options society has in this regard: open collaboration or privatization.
Bart de Witte,  |  Jul 19, 2021