Parisa Naraei
Parisa Naraei
Contributor, The Yuan

Parisa Naraei is an expert in cognitive science and its applications in healthcare. As an active member of the Canadian Institute for Health Information’s management team, she has been instrumental in driving forward emerging digital, AI & cloud tech in the healthcare industry.

Air Canvas using Python libraries reveals much about art in the digital age
New era
In the current digital age of advanced tech, the boundaries between art, science, and technology are increasingly blurring. Researcher Parisa Naraei describes a project exploring the concept of computer vision and its workings, with various intriguing applications.
Parisa Naraei  |  May 07, 2024
Infotainment systems for voice-controlled cars represent a big step forward
Alexa and Siri are well-known voice assistants but deliver mixed results. Similar technology is now going a step further to create smarter car infotainment systems, with AI researcher and tech expert Parisa Naraei shedding light on the specific methodology involved.
Parisa Naraei  |  Mar 21, 2024
BERT-based humor generation system displays another side to AI
Humor is one of the most essential parts of human interaction, but humor generation as a sub-field of natural language generation is notoriously difficult. AI researcher and tech expert Parisa Naraei describes how a joke generator is being built to overcome this challenge.
Parisa Naraei  |  Mar 04, 2024
Introducing a powerful extractive summarization tool for YouTube videos
Almost everyone knows about YouTube videos, but far fewer are familiar with the behind-the-scenes tools and tech that make these videos possible. AI researcher and tech expert Parisa Naraei describes in detail how some of these tools work and what users should know about them.
Parisa Naraei  |  Jan 17, 2024
DL can now be used to automatically classify, segment liver tumors
Automatic DL-based methods for semantic pixel-by-pixel classification and segmentation of liver tumors hold the key to detecting this type of cancer earlier and preventing the worst outcomes. AI and health expert Parisa Naraei conducts a tour of their workings.
Parisa Naraei  |  Nov 15, 2023
Deep learning finds depression on social media
This paper demonstrates a comparative performance of the various machine learning models used to classify tweets, which helps detect early signs of depression using computing tools, statistical analysis, linguistic feature extraction techniques, and machine-learning algorithms. Keywords—twitter, data mining, twins, Natural Language Processing, sentiment analysis, neural networks, LSTM.
Parisa Naraei  |  Sep 20, 2022
An automated machine learning COVID-19 pipeline
Researcher Parisa Naraei details how AI chatbots glean better data and attain fuller analyses, faster insights, and precision answers in the war against COVID-19 and relates the nuts and bolts of crafting these conversational AI apps.
Parisa Naraei  |  Aug 03, 2022