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ChatGPT comes into its own as used in physical therapy applications
By Vanessa Klotzman  |  Jun 08, 2023
ChatGPT comes into its own as used in physical therapy applications
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ChatGPT’s strengths and flaws have drawn all eyes, but physical therapy is oft ignored despite being one of its more successful applications, says Vanessa Klotzman, a Software Engineering PhD candidate at the University of California specializing in ML and healthcare informatics.

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA - Ever since OpenAI introduced ChatGPT - which is based on its GPT architecture - in November 2022, the healthcare industry has shown growing interest in using ChatGPT for various applications.

Researchers are investigating the model's potential in areas from assisting surgeons by analyzing patient data to recommending suitable surgical procedures and providing real-time decision support during operations. GPT models can also help streamline appointment scheduling, prescription refills, patient follow-ups, and other clinical tasks, thus improving overall patient care. They can also help simplify radiology reports by interpreting radiological images and creating clear, concise reports, thus enhancing communication among radiologists, referring physicians, and patients.

While many healthcare applications are suitable for ChatGPT models, ChatGPT has a particularly significant impact in physical therapy. ChatGPT can provide personalized guidance and support to physical therapy patients, leading to improved adherence to treatment regimens, better outcomes, and increased access to care. ChatGPT's ability to provide individually tailored management and education is hugely positive for physical therapy patients. 

Patients undergoing physical therapy often have conditions that require specialized knowledge, which can be difficult to understand without the appropriate level of education or training. ChatGPT can help overcome this challenge by explaining complex medical terms in an understandable way based on the patient's own level of expertise and comprehension.

For patients who recently underwent knee surgery or the like and are receiving physical therapy, ChatGPT can provide a detailed explanation of surgical procedures and how they have affected their knee functions, and it can also expl

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