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PurpleLab’s Big Data transforms provision of healthcare across the spectrum
By Oladimeji Ewumi  |  Nov 16, 2023
PurpleLab’s Big Data transforms provision of healthcare across the spectrum
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PurpleLab is a US healthtech firm that applies Big Data to achieve better provision of healthcare services for its clients. Its CEO Mark Brosso recently sat down with The Yuan to showcase the firm’s latest advances, which are poised to reconfigure the entire healthcare dynamic.

LISBON - PurpleLab’s HealthNexus healthcare analytics platform is one of the largest medical claims databases in the United States. PurpleLab - which last year raised USD40 million in funding - works with clinical researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and researchers applying the Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) - the application of the principles of economics to healthcare - to supply data for their projects using its no-code analytics platform. Mark Brosso - PurpleLab’s chief executive and founder - granted an exclusive interview to the Yuan to shed light on the firm’s most recent and exciting innovations.

Hello, Mark. Can you give a brief overview of the PurpleLab data analytics platform and how potential clients can access it?

PurpleLab created healthcare analytics platform HealthNexus to drive innovation across the healthcare continuum. The idea is to make health risks more understandable for life sciences, advertising, payer, and provider organizations. By providing them with real-world data [RWD] on social determinants of health [SDOH], patient treatment patterns, clinical trials, treatment accessibility, market access, and patient journey, we are working to ensure they are equipped with the insights needed to take meaningful actions in the healthcare industry and ultimately drive better patient outcomes.

We have one of the largest medical and pharmacy claims databases in the US. Through billions of data points, our firm provides insights into how SDOH impacts access to treatments and therapies for different diseases such as Alzheimer's, patient and provider treatment patterns for high-cost diseases like multiple sclerosis, and how variables such as race, ethnicity, income level, marital status, education - or combinations of these variables - impact access to treatment and mortality for specific diseases.

As for access, PurpleLab is unique in having created a self-servi

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