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The Yuan AI 2023: DL to loom large in future AI in healthcare
Deep learning technologies are revolutionizing the diagnosis and prognosis of complicated diseases and cancer. Intelligent medical diagnosis expert Dr Sara Moein predicts the role of AI in 2023 in medical diagnosis and healthcare.
The Yuan AI 2023
Sara Moein  |  Jan  02,  2023
The Yuan 2023: What to expect from 2023 worldwide
Given everything that has happened in 2022, both in AI and in other domains worldwide, there will be plenty in store for AI in 2023, from military applications and quantum computing to regulatory frameworks and greater energy efficiency. As a recession looms and many Big Tech firms continue to lay off workers, AI startups stand to benefit from an influx of talent onto the market, raising the possibility that 2023 will be the year when significant future AI players are born.
The Yuan AI 2023
Patrick Glauner  |  Dec  30,  2022
The Yuan 2023: Things that AI might become capable of in 2023
As the world looks to the new year, one question is whether 2023 will be a year of AI ‘big bangs’ where there are major breakthroughs, or whether it is more likely to be a year where existing AI gets ‘bigger and bigger,’ improving on existing capabilities and gradually adding new ones, all while making fewer of the mistakes that have caused many people to doubt it. AI alignment will become increasingly important as humanity strives to make sure that AI’s goals still align with its own.
The Yuan AI 2023
Calum Chace  |  Dec  29,  2022
The Yuan 2023: AI holds the ‘answer’ to balancing longevity and aging
In the coming years, the world must grapple with the effects of an aging population, all while coming up with ways to make healthcare more accessible and affordable, with an equal focus on prevention and treatment. Thanks in part to the pandemic, seniors are now also becoming more tech-savvy, offering hope that the world can indeed balance an aging population with longer lifespans and help people stay healthier longer.
The Yuan AI 2023
Marcus Ranney  |  Dec  28,  2022
The Yuan 2023: What to expect for AI governance in 2023
The relationship between technology and humanity is at a crossroads. The policy window that the world has at its disposal to govern this space is rapidly closing: 2023 must be the year where meaningful change happens in AI governance.
The Yuan AI 2023
Ivana Bartoletti  |  Dec  27,  2022
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