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Open medical data advances digital health
Mistrust of data-sharing abounds, but its goals are ideally positive and potentially beneficial, and shared data is actually non-identifying to any specific person, and this is as true in the medical or health industry as in any other, DataPrime’s Chief Science Officer Kirk Borne explains, as he fetes Alan Turing’s 110th birthday for The Yuan’s Open Data 2022 series.
Open Data 2022
Kirk Borne  |  Jul  08,  2022
Data sharing with trust
Ivana Bartoletti, global chief privacy officer at Wipro, warns that, as with medicine, getting the dosage right with tech is crucial.
Open Data 2022
Ivana Bartoletti  |  Jul  07,  2022
Open health data will help fix India's healthcare
Drawbacks aside, India will benefit from the vast potential of its medical data. The data of the country home to one-sixth of humanity form a force that must be harnessed for the betterment of its healthcare, urges Dr Rohitashva Agrawal in his contribution to The Yuan’s Open Data 2022 series that commemorates the 110th anniversary of Alan Turing’s birth.
Open Data 2022
Rohitashva Agrawal  |  Jul  06,  2022
Open medical data is no-brainer
Medical AI is revolutionizing global healthcare, even reengineering human genes, but it cannot do so without data. This generation’s data may be the last to record ‘pure’ medical data, which will be tainted by humans with altered genes in future, so today's will be priceless for posterity, says Satyen K. Bordoloi as he marks the 110th anniversary of Alan Turing’s birth to push for open access.
Open Data 2022
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  Jul  05,  2022
Open access: independent testing, incentives are needed for high-quality data
Open access to data must focus on their quality, not just quantity. Opening data will not ensure quality, buy may even have the opposite effect, argues Prof Jeffery Lee Funk as part of The Yuan’s Open Data 2022 series.
Open Data 2022
Jeffrey Lee Funk  |  Jul  04,  2022
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