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The Yuan lights up Times Square with call for Open Medical Data
By Ben Armour  |  Oct 17, 2022
The Yuan lights up Times Square with call for Open Medical Data
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The massive Nasdaq screen in New York’s Times Square lit up on October 16 emblazoned with The Yuan’s manifesto to the world demanding free access by all to global medical data and to announce our Open Letter to the leaders of all nations urging global cooperation to permit free access to medical data to serve all humanity, not just a few narrow interests.

NEW YORK - Open, democratized, transparent, explainable artificial intelligence (AI) is not just The Yuan’s credo: It is our very life’s blood - our entire raison d'être - and no more so than when it comes to Open Medical Data, which we deem to be a global commons derived from the totality of the human genome, and thus a common legacy all humans have equally contributed to and are thus jointly entitled to hold, enjoy, and benefit from. We further hold that medical data that are cloistered or siloed are by nature bias-prone, defective, and non-representative.
We have been shouting this our manifesto from the rooftops since our inception a mere one and a half years ago, a period in which we have made enormous strides, becoming in the interim the preeminent forum championing the noble cause of free medical data and AI.
Following the resounding success of our Open Medical Data article series to mark the 110th anniversary of Alan Turing’s birth, we have now gone one step further, proclaiming our mission to all humanity and the leaders of all countries from the nerve center of New York City, Times Square - mere blocks from the United Nations Headquarters - in an effort to rivet the world’s attention and mobilize it to embark upon the sacred undertaking to attain this lofty ideal, to strive together to vanquish the specters of disease, disability, disfigurement, and untimely death, ensuring that good health is both a human right and the inalienable birthright of all humankind.
The declaration we have therefore displayed on the seven-story big screen of the Nasdaq Tower with its 10,000 square foot expanse of signage on October 16 is thus both a call to arms to the like-minded and a shot across the bows of those who would oppose free access to life-giving medical data to serve their own ends.

The illustrious AI and medical experts and social commentators who are the signatories to our open letter are:

Gaurav Chandr

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