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AI holds the key to making cities more resilient amid climate change
By Justina Nixon-Saintil  |  Jul 10, 2024
AI holds the key to making cities more resilient amid climate change
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More than half the world’s population lives in cities, many of which are vulnerable to flooding as sea levels and temperatures rise. AI will play a huge role in helping them adapt and become more resilient, argues IBM Vice President and Chief Impact Officer Justina Nixon-Saintil.

NEW YORK - The cities that some 4.4 billion people call home are increasingly at risk of catastrophic climate-driven events. Rising sea levels and flooding threaten coastal megacities like New York City and Jakarta, while extreme heat waves - like those that afflict cities across South Asia and the Middle East each year - are projected to become more frequent and severe.


While built-up environments and infrastructure are being tested by unpredictable weather and changing populations, many urban communities face heightened climate-related health and economic risks. Dangers su

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