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Generative technology is even changing the nature of pornography
By Nigel Morris-Cotterill  |  Dec 18, 2023
Generative technology is even changing the nature of pornography
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Generative technology - commonly referred to as ‘generative AI’ - is opening the door to photo-realistic imagery of the foulest kinds. This is not some hidden dark art, either - it is readily available in any browser on any computer or phone, and this is just the beginning.

Location: No one knows, and very few can find out.

Pornography lies in the eye of the beholder, and what people think of as pornography changes over time and between cultures - and even between generations. Nevertheless, the definition of pornography remains the same - any image, conduct, or words that offend public decency.

Determining whether something is pornographic therefore depends on the opinions of judges, however they are defined. So, in this respect, pornography is almost like synchronized swimming: One person’s approval is another’s disapproval. 

When a teenager finds something funny or mildly titillating, another person 20 or 30 years older would probably find the same material offensive or unworthy of attention. The same applies for images and text: DH Lawrence’s last novel, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, was banned in the United Kingdom for being pornographic - even though the current thinking is that that was a mere excuse, with the real scandalous aspect being that Lady Chatterley had an affair with her gamekeeper. Substitute ‘pool cleaner,’ and such thinking would wipe out half of Hollywood’s romances. 

Some might think that comment means that pornography is the preserve of the young, the stupid, or the rebellious - and is therefore something that can be outgrown, or its users ‘cured.’ There is a huge body of evidence that a significant number of people under 30 claim an addiction to sexual pornography on the internet, and there is also evidence that there is a fascination - which may not technically be an addiction - when it comes to violent pornography. This situation is confused by an actual addiction to playing video games, which is distinct from an addiction to their content. 

Putting such confusion aside, studies clearly do not say that pornography is solely the province of the young. The nature of the pornography viewed is what changes, not the desire to view porn

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