Nicolás Monge Iriarte
Nicolás Monge Iriarte
Contributor, The Yuan

Nicolás Monge Iriarte is an expert in innovation and AI and has worked in the academic, governmental, and private sectors. He is co-founder of Precision AI, a precision oncology startup that uses algorithms to select the best treatment for each patient.

Chile Hitches Its Fortunes to AI in New Nine-Year Plan
Chile is now drafting its new constitution. This is a huge step in responding to social needs and an opportunity for the country to avail itself of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution,’ in which artificial intelligence (AI) will be the driving force. This favorable tableau was the prompt for Chile’s government to draft its inaugural Chilean AI Policy. To officially launch before the end of the year and stretch to 2030, will set the development of AI at the center of Chile’s strategy for growth.
Nicolás Monge Iriarte  |  Sep 06, 2021