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Brazil’s AI infatuation makes it a standout in Latin America, the World
By Alex McFarland  |  Dec 06, 2023
Brazil’s AI infatuation makes it a standout in Latin America, the World
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Brazilians welcome AI far more than their counterparts in wealthier North America and Europe. AI expert and Latin America maven Alex McFarland relates how AI has beguiled the world’s fifth-largest country and built a model that will reverberate way beyond its far-flung frontiers.

RIO DE JANEIRO - In an era when technological advancements redefine how societies function, Brazil is emerging as a beacon of optimism and enthusiasm in artificial intelligence (AI). A recent VisualGPS study by global visual communications firm Getty Images recounts a compelling narrative about Brazil's relationship with AI. This study encompassing over 7,000 adults across more than 25 countries placed Brazil at the forefront of AI adoption and perception, distinguishing it from trends elsewhere.

These findings attest to a transformative shift in the Brazilian mindset towards technology. As the world grapples with the rapid evolution of AI, Brazil's unique stance offers valuable insights into how AI can be seen not as distant and abstract, but as an integral, positive everyday force. This introduction of AI into Brazil's societal and business fabric thus marks a major milestone in techno-optimism.

Brazilian view of AI

The VisualGPS study reveals a striking insight - four out of six Brazilian adults recognize the favorable impact of AI in their lives. This statistic is not only well above the global average, but depicts the nation's burgeoning confidence in tech. Unlike the tepid or cautious approach observed in much of the rest of the world, Brazilians display a distinctive optimism towards AI, seeing it as a catalyst for personal and professional growth - not to mention a golden opportunity for the country to finally move past a recent phase of economic underperformance and disappointment.

This mania is rooted in a broader Latin American perspective, where AI is increasingly viewed as an essential tool to enhance efficiency and productivity. In Brazil, AI is not just a tech novelty - it is seen as a practical solution to everyday problems. The belief in AI'

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