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Valence Vibrations AI real-time emotional subtitles cut through the chatter
By Oladimeji Ewumi  |  Jul 26, 2023
Valence Vibrations AI real-time emotional subtitles cut through the chatter
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The recent crop of AI startups spans the gamut of sectors. Real-time emotional subtitling firm Valence Vibrations eases communication among diverse groups. Its intriguing line piqued The Yuan’s interest. Its CEO Chloe Duckworth tells all in this exclusive interview with The Yuan.

LISBON - Valence Vibrations is an early-stage artificial intelligence (AI) startup that delivers emotional subtitles in real-time conversations to enhance each person's voice and improve human connection across diverse communities. In an interview with The Yuan contributor Oladimeji Ewumi, Valence Vibrations Chief Executive Chloe Duckworth shares some insights on how the Los Angeles-based company uses AI to help people better understand communication across various neurodiverse spectrums.

The Yuan: Can you please share a little bit about yourself?

Chloe Duckworth: I am the co-founder and CEO of Valence Vibrations, an emotion AI startup delivering emotional classifications in real-time conversation to improve communication and promote empathy across diverse demographics of people, including neurotypes. Our company is improving emotional communication in people with different vocal or voice prints.

The key challenge right now in the community is that emotional communication is highly demographic-specific. When speaking with someone who has a different voice because they have other intersections of identity - whether that be race, neurotype, age, gender, or something else - it changes how one’s own voice sounds as well as how one conveys emotions, which ultimately affects one’s ability to interpret the feelings of people one is speaking with and empathize with them. To empathize with someone in a conversation, one must understand their feelings. That is highly demographic-specific, and our company is creating emotional subtitles to help bridge that gap.

The Yuan: What personal journey led you to your position as CEO and co-founder of Valence Vibrations?

Chloe Duckworth: I am motivated by democratizing access to health and wellness and am currently

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