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Beyond human intellect: Emergence of data capitalism, AI revolution
By Badr Boussabat  |  Jun 20, 2023
Beyond human intellect: Emergence of data capitalism, AI revolution
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Day 2

A specter haunts Europe - the phantom of AI. In Brussels, Karl Marx honed his famous manifesto and unleashed worldwide insurrection. Badr Boussabat continues day two of The Yuan’s journey of the discovery of intelligence from the capital of Europe. Boussabat has also found a utopian revolution, but not that of the ghost of the great communist philosopher.

Shifeng Wang
Chief Editor, The Yuan

BRUSSELS - As the world stands at the cusp of a remarkable era where artificial intelligence (AI) surpasses human ingenuity, humanity is set to witness an extraordinary transformation of societal structures, economic norms, and the very concept of work and production.

This monumental shift, marked by the advancement of AI, the metaverse, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technologies, is unraveling the fabric of society and leading to a radical reassessment of human intelligence and creativity.

AI's rapid growth has instigated a significant transition in task automation. With a current average automation rate hovering around 50 percent, projections suggest an escalation to a staggering 90 percent in the coming decade. This increase will impel a fundamental paradigm shift in human labor, necessitating an evolution towards more supervisory roles, the development of new skills ultimately leading to an expected augmentation in compensation. The traditional understanding of a worker's role, therefore, is undergoing a metamorphosis.

In this AI-dominated ecosystem, the boundary delineating producers and consumers is becoming progressively nebulous. The potential for every individual to produce data - which is the burgeoning form of capital - disrupts conventional capitalist dynamics. Unlike traditional monetary resources, data are generated indefinitely, effortlessly, and risk-free, sparking a transition towards a data-capital economy.

Moreover, the concept of the ownership of the means of production - a pivotal premise in economic theory - is set for an overhaul as AI continues to outsmart human capabilities in a seemingly ever-growing number of specific tasks. With their newfound capacity to generate data-capit

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