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AI Helps India Achieve Stable Mental Health
By Priya Dialani  |  May 18, 2022
AI Helps India Achieve Stable Mental Health
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Priya Dialani maps India’s mental health terrain and discusses how artificial intelligence is breaking through traditional taboos to deliver care to those most in need in the second-most populous country.

MUMBAI - We all know and experienced 2020, a restless year that challenged every aspect of our physical as well as mental health. Further, 2021 was no different, and it added to existing depression, anxiety, and social isolation, shattering our peace, and draining everyone.[1]

While the pandemic significantly hampered mental health, these issues are also the most common overall. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that one in five adults in the US goes through at least one mental health issue every year.[2] Indeed, not many are aware of mental health issues. Hence, mental health awareness is one of the critical challenges the worldwide healthcare industry faces.[3]

Of psychologists, 84 percent say that they have seen an increase in the demand for anxiety disorder treatments since the pandemic, compared with 74 percent the year before. This clearly attests to a mental health tsunami.[4]

India’s Mental Health Terrain

One of the root causes why mental health is not given due importance is the stigma attached to it, that fends off efforts to address its issues. This is very common in a country like India, which has only 0.75 psychiatrists for every 100,000 patients.[5] As the second-most populous country, addressing mental health problems can be pretty daunting.  

Of India’s workforce in the private sector, 42 percent suffers from depression or anxiety,[

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AI technology has become a vital method to assist psychological treatment. In India, China, and other populated countries, there are impossible to train enough psychiatrists to solve the mental health problems which have become the central issue influencing the healthcare systems.