Apoorva Komarraju
Apoorva Komarraju
Contributor, The Yuan

Apoorva Komarraju writes about the latest advancements in AI from South India's point of view. Analytical and curious, her interests are pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and drug discovery.

Talk grows of AI research for India’s neurology
Brain science
Neurological disorders have now become one of the leading causes of ailments in India, and as AI and neuroscience research efforts overlap in more areas, interest in focusing on AI-powered treatments for such disorders is on the rise.
Apoorva Komarraju  |  Jan 04, 2023
AI models predict India’s mortality from heart ailments
Heart ailments are the leading cause of death worldwide, which means that predictive AI for spotting them is one of the most impactful ways in which AI can improve health outcomes, in addition to flagging some well-known factors that harm cardiovascular health like poor diets, excessive stress, and insufficient exercise.
Apoorva Komarraju  |  Sep 09, 2022
Indian Healthcare Leaders Urge Accelerated AI Healthcare R&D
Some 94 percent of India’s healthcare leaders want their facilities to invest in AI, reflecting the transformation the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought and greater receptiveness to the technology, coupled with a growing awareness that India’s unique features make it fertile ground for the cultivation of AI+healthcare.
Apoorva Komarraju  |  May 19, 2022
HealthTech’s Crucial Role in Combating COVID-19 in India
India has struggled to contain two waves of the COVID-19 virus, but, as the nation braces itself for a third wave, the healthtech industry has stepped in to help create a healthcare awareness program to defeat the pandemic.
Apoorva Komarraju  |  Nov 26, 2021
IBM, Microsoft to Rebuild Rural India’s Healthcare Infrastructure With AI
Emerging markets
India’s urban population have always had the luxury of easier access to healthcare than its countryfolk. But that is changing thanks to the advent of AI, machine learning and investment by several global tech giants, including IBM and Microsoft, who have embarked on transformative collaborations with a number of major Indian healthcare players looking to reenergize the industry to benefit its citizens.
Apoorva Komarraju  |  Sep 08, 2021