Apoorva Komarraju
Apoorva Komarraju
Contributor, The Yuan

Apoorva Komarraju writes about the latest advancements in AI from South India's point of view. Analytical and curious, her areas of interest lie in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare industry and drug discovery.

HealthTech’s Crucial Role in Combating COVID-19 in India
India has struggled to contain two waves of the COVID-19 virus, but, as the nation braces itself for a third wave, the healthtech industry has stepped in to help create a healthcare awareness program to defeat the pandemic.
Apoorva Komarraju  |  Nov 26, 2021
IBM, Microsoft to Rebuild Rural India’s Healthcare Infrastructure With AI
Emerging Market
India’s urban population have always had the luxury of easier access to healthcare than its countryfolk. But that is changing thanks to the advent of AI, machine learning and investment by several global tech giants, including IBM and Microsoft, who have embarked on transformative collaborations with a number of major Indian healthcare players looking to reenergize the industry to benefit its citizens.
Apoorva Komarraju  |  Sep 08, 2021