Kirsten Bischof
Kirsten Bischof
Contributor, The Yuan

Kirsten Bischof is a trauma surgeon and critical care specialist in South Africa. She is particularly interested in AI and advanced hemodynamic monitoring in critical care. She believes that AI is key to improving access to medical diagnostics and that it is an essential tool in the medical armamentarium.

AI: a paradigm shift in drug discovery
Drug discovery has traditionally been a painstaking and arduous process that can take decades in a best-case scenario. AI is now changing both how this is done and how fast, thus redrawing the bounds of possibility along the way.
Kirsten Bischof, Gaurav Chandra  |  May 03, 2023
AI in hemodynamic monitoring: the pulse of P4 medicine in the ICU
New era
AI is uniquely able to find patterns in the complex multidimensional data of the intensive care unit. A third of ICU patients develop hemodynamic instability, resulting in a 40-59 percent mortality rate. Advanced dynamic hemodynamic monitoring, coupled with AI, presents a perfect opportunity for clinicians to peer into the future to prevent adverse events before they occur. "Predicting the future is not magic, it's artificial intelligence." - Dave Waters
Kirsten Bischof, Gaurav Chandra  |  Nov 29, 2022