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Far from being amazing, Sora seems unable to handle the truth
Sora, a text-to-video and text-to-image AI model from OpenAI, is known for creating realistic scenes. A closer look, however, reveals that many of these are not real and should not be mistaken for such, warns Gary Marcus, a best-selling AI author, entrepreneur, and professor.
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Gary Marcus  |  Mar  11,  2024
Meta’s massive AI course correction follows The Yuan’s sage advice
In a once in a blue moon event, Meta, name notwithstanding, seems to have bowed down to The Yuan’s urgings, turned its back on the Metaverse, and set its front towards AI, as the firm strategically re-orients itself. Award-winning tech columnist Satyen K. Bordoloi has the skinny.
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Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  Mar  01,  2024
BIO-Europe 2023 conference panel offers insights into AI’s ascent in pharma
Experts in an AI panel session at the 2023 BIO-Europe winter conference highlighted some exciting biotech and pharma use cases in drug discovery for critical diseases while exploring the current regulatory outlook and other future possibilities. AI commentator Oladimeji Ewumi reports live.
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Oladimeji Ewumi  |  Feb  08,  2024
STARVar diagnoses rare diseases with AI-powered variant prioritization
Diagnosing rare diseases has always been tricky, but a new AI tool known as STARVar promises to ease their identification. Martina Rossi, an expert on the potential of gene therapy as a targeted and personalized approach to treating rare diseases, explains how it all pans out.
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Martina Rossi  |  Jan  22,  2024
Future technology director reveals her vision for US biotech’s course ahead
Director of Future Technology Platforms at US NGO think tank the Special Competitive Studies Project Abigail Kukura sat for an exclusive interview with The Yuan’s Andrii Buvailo - pharma analyst and co-founder - and read her auguries for US biotech’s hereafter.
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Andrii Buvailo  |  Oct  26,  2023
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