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Chatbot chatter with Google’s Bard yields interesting findings
Intrigued by all the recent chatter about chatbots, I decided to conduct my own investigation, and the outcome was most illuminating. Here is the transcript of my first - and as yet only - exchange with Bard, Google’s ‘creative and helpful collaborator.’ I am R, Bard is B.
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Roger Kingdon  |  May  16,  2023
Digital payment systems could truly revolutionize healthcare
The smartphone has already transformed life by simplifying social networking and enabling digital payments and receipts of mobile money, ride-hailing, and the delivery of goods, to cite but a few ways. The now-ubiquitous device may well do the same for healthcare in coming years.
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Sania Nishtar  |  May  12,  2023
AI risk should not be conflated with AGI risk, though both are dangerous
Superintelligence may or may not be imminent, but great cause for concern exists either way, and one should first understand the differences between AI risk and AGI risk, explains AI expert Prof Gary Marcus, co-host of the podcast Humans versus Machines.
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Gary Marcus  |  May  10,  2023
ChatGPT’s supremacy: Google’s narrow thinking lets OpenAI win
Google has lost ground since ChatGPT burst onto the AI scene, but that need not be the case, writes Satyen K. Bordoloi as he looks for solutions while rummaging through Google’s recycle bin. Rather than pressing the panic button, a simple change in perspective may be needed.
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Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  Apr  26,  2023
Generative AI, public info, and their implications for the shorter ‘long boom’
The disruptive advent of ChatGPT and other leading AI tech has shown analysis unhelpful in predicting AI’s future. The worrisome nature of AI-spawned information and the threat of disinformation makes engagement by OpenAI and other tech firms with the public to ensure everyone’s interests crucial.
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