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The Yuan takes to the air in new AI podcast series
Starting today, The Yuan will be airing a podcast series to allow our audience to experience our AI content in a convenient, immediate sound format. Our vibrant panel of expert guests will weigh in on the latest topics and developments in AI in lively exchanges that will seek to reveal what’s really going on behind the scenes.
New era
Shifeng Wang  |  Jan  01,  2023
Is this the cusp of a new era?
Huge changes have taken place in the world in the past three years, though whether these mark the beginning of a new era is still uncertain, and if so, what that era might look like.
New era
Chris Bradley  |  Dec  15,  2022
Africa can leapfrog to the latest healthtech
Africa is strapped for healthcare workers even as it faces a slew of endemic diseases. Innovative personalization, prevention, and education driven by digital healthtech are the answers to the second-largest continent’s staffing woes and disproportional disease burden, argues telemedicine platform and online pharmacy CEO Yaya Mbaoua.
New era
Yaya Mbaoua  |  Dec  09,  2022
AI in hemodynamic monitoring: the pulse of P4 medicine in the ICU
AI is uniquely able to find patterns in the complex multidimensional data of the intensive care unit. A third of ICU patients develop hemodynamic instability, resulting in a 40-59 percent mortality rate. Advanced dynamic hemodynamic monitoring, coupled with AI, presents a perfect opportunity for clinicians to peer into the future to prevent adverse events before they occur. "Predicting the future is not magic, it's artificial intelligence." - Dave Waters
New era
Kirsten Bischof, Gaurav Chandra  |  Nov  29,  2022
Web 3.0 promises a democratic, decentralized future
In a future dominated by full automation, will the world be ready for the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ that will have a colossal, historical impact on the social contract in capitalist societies? The Yuan talked with Dr George Zarkadakis, Chief Innovation Officer at Syndesis Health (1) and author of ‘In Our Own Image: Will Artificial Intelligence Save us or Destroy Us?’ (Rider Books) (2) and ‘Cyber Republic: reinventing democracy in the age of intelligent machines’ (MIT Press) (3), to find out about democratizing the AI economy to smoothly transition to a future where wealth comes mostly from capital and know-how, not labor.
New era
Eleni Natsi  |  Nov  23,  2022
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