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New blueprint guides Argentina’s first steps toward ethical, responsible AI
By Gonzalo Benetti Hernández  |  Aug 02, 2023
New blueprint guides Argentina’s first steps toward ethical, responsible AI
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AI and Argentina rarely appear in the same headline, but the Inter-American Development Bank and country are crafting a national strategy to safely exploit the tech, reports Gonzalo Benetti Hernández, former project lead at APOSTEAR, an initiative to close the low-income digital divide.

ROSARIO, ARGENTINA - The debate surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) in the public sphere has gained in strength and complexity in recent years. It now extends well beyond the technical aspects, with concerns about potential risks no longer limited to the future of work. With this in mind, the Argentine government has approved Disposition 2/2023, which provides "recommendations for reliable artificial intelligence." The objective is to develop an adoption roadmap for AI that ensures the responsible development of new projects.

While this debate is not new, the rise of applications like ChatGPT that enable the widespread use of generative AI has truly made it part of the mainstream, everyday citizens’ dialogs. Consequently, alarm bells are going off about the potential risks. Biases, deepfakes, job displacement, the theoretical threat of AI surpassing human intelligence, and the loss of privacy and pervasive surveillance have prompted over a thousand experts to sign a letter calling for a pause in AI development until international regulations and control agreements are formally established. In this context, Argentina's approval of this disposition - which was heavily influenced by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's Recommendations on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence that was issued in 2021 - is significant.

Argentina recognizes the need to establish guidelines for responsible development as the software industry continues to emerge as one of the country's most dynamic sectors. On June 16th, the Argentine government announced a new program in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank, allocating USD35 million for AI development. The program focuses on strengthening Argentina’s university and scientific system and developing applications and tools for non-AI experts to help businesses increase their exports - which would be a huge help to Argentina in particular, a country with r

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