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The Yuan AI 2023: Top 10 list
By Kirk Borne  |  Dec 22, 2022
The Yuan AI 2023: Top 10 list
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2023 could very well mark the rise of ‘ubiquitous’ AI, as the tech makes its presence felt in virtually every domain, and as more and more AIs show the ability to perform multiple general tasks, rather than just one or two specialized ones. AI expert Kirk Borne looks at 12 steps for data-driven medicine and healthcare, as well as 10 trends in AI to keep an eye on in 2023.

COLUMBIA, MARYLAND - A new year is about to begin, which naturally means it is also time for a new round of artificial intelligence (AI) forecasts, trends, reflections, and impacts. I will highlight my top 10 list of these for 2023.

However, before revealing my list, I would like to summarize my 12-step program for bringing data analytics, machine learning (ML), and AI into the healthcare and medical science domain. I have definite reasons for starting my discussion with such a domain-specific summary:

- First, these 12 areas of impact are worth watching every year - for their current progress, their innovative advances, and their future potential.

- Second, this list offers an explicit reminder of the practical real-world applications of the continuing and/or emerging AI trends and technologies, which is especially useful when the latter sometimes appear to be mostly theoretical or still in the research and development stage.

- Third, when looking at these 12 AI and analytics dimensions in one domain, one should be able to envision and extend similar concepts, accomplishments, innovations, and benefits to other domains beyond health and medicine.

One of those benefited domains is cybersecurity. Several years ago, I predicted that the top two domains where data science (consequently, data analytics, ML, and AI) would have the largest global impact in the years to come would be healthcare and cybersecurity.1 This was not a prediction based on having a magic crystal ball or a convenient time machine. The prediction was simply based on the reality that the risks, rewards, and innovations in these two domains will probably have the largest long-term impacts on the tactical activities and strategic responsibilities of businesses, governments, and individual lives worldwide.

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