Lorena Antonovici
Lorena Antonovici
Contributor, The Yuan

Lorena Antonovici is an independent researcher. Her primary areas of interest lie within the domain of health psychology and interpersonal relationships. She was previously affiliated with the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Romania.

The Empathy Code strives to humanize virtual interactions with AI
One of AI’s most frequently cited shortcomings is its inability to empathize with people or convincingly replicate human emotions. Health psychology researcher Lorena Antonovici introduces the Empathy Code and discusses its ramifications for humans’ interactions with AI.
Lorena Antonovici  |  Dec 19, 2023
AI turbocharges health data mining, enhances lifespans, healthspans
AI is increasingly making healthcare more personalized by enabling mining and analysis of more health data, and enhancing healthspans and lifespans so people stay healthier for longer, per digital health expert Eduard Musinschi and health psychology researcher Lorena Antonovici.
Lorena Antonovici, Eduard Musinschi  |  Oct 12, 2023
AI is changing the game and leading to more biotech breakthroughs
Ever since the integration of AI into biotech began in earnest, many advances have taken place at a pace that would have seemed impossible even just a few years ago. This promises to speed up drug development, lower costs, and raise efficiency, among other benefits.
Lorena Antonovici, Eduard Musinschi  |  Sep 14, 2023