Anjali Rajan
Anjali Rajan
Contributor, The Yuan

Anjali Rajan is a biomedical engineer turned health-tech product manager. She has worked on using AI in a range of health-tech applications, from early detection of health conditions to long-term post-op monitoring within and outside the hospital. Her personal mission is to make healthcare more accessible and seamlessly blend into one's lifestyle.

The future of healthcare: a patient journey powered by AI
AI is transforming patient healthcare at each step in a hospital journey, and will be an indispensable tool in all phases of future treatments. Biomed engineer and med-tech innovator Anjali Rajan, and epidemiologist and health economist Vishnu Baby Kumar discuss this trend from a patient perspective.
Vishnu Baby Kumar, Anjali Rajan  |  Feb 07, 2024
How different countries leveraged the power of AI to navigate COVID-19
This first part of a series explores how AI helped the world weather COVID-19 and at least partially cushion its impact. While the pandemic exposed many shortcomings, it also shed light on future improvements. Biomedical engineer and med-tech innovator Anjali Rajan presents a glimpse into popular AI applications in pandemic management deployed by five countries.
Anjali Rajan  |  Sep 18, 2023