Janet Sawari
Janet Sawari
Contributor, The Yuan

Janet Sawari is a tech entrepreneur, AI innovation strategist, philanthropist and head of AI consulting for UnpackAI. She is passionate about innovative technologies in the education and healthcare sectors.

Open Medical Data - What is it and how does it work?
Delta Dialog is The Yuan’s brand new podcast series, and its first topic of conversation is open medical data. Medicine is a very important topic in today’s society and AI and data play a very big role in many of the processes applied within the industry, from micro to macro levels.
Delta Dialog  |  Nov 22, 2022
Education is key to opening Africa’s medical data
Open Data 2022
Successfully integrating open data sharing in Africa will require that its people learn the benefits of such practices from the economic, medical, and social standpoints. Setting up the right ecosystem to allow data sharing to thrive is crucial to its sustainability in the second-largest, second most-populous continent.
Janet Sawari  |  Jun 29, 2022
Why AI? Implications for the Healthcare Industry
The future of life greatly depends on the future of technology, and the future of technology is greatly depends on the future of artificial intelligence, but why AI? Janet Sawari discusses why AI technology is vital to the healthcare industry.
Janet Sawari  |  Apr 01, 2022
Robots Put ‘Care’ Back into Healthcare
Companion robots were created to improve social engagement, and for the purposes of creating real or apparent companionship for human beings. They have become something of a boon in the healthcare sector recently providing comfort especially for the elderly. Janet Sawari examines the role of companion robots and their place in modern medical care.
Janet Sawari  |  Dec 03, 2021
Nano-Robotic Surgery Is the Future
The future of robotic surgery is moving toward more usable, intelligent systems that perform a greater range of procedures, but what about empathy and compassion? Janet Sawari explores the future of robots as permanent fixtures in an operating theater, and the introduction of nanotechnology.
Janet Sawari  |  Oct 29, 2021
AI Improves Patient Experiences
In the healthcare industry, time is money, so it is important to provide an efficient, seamless patient experience to allow hospitals, clinics, and physicians to treat more patients on a daily basis.
Janet Sawari  |  Sep 17, 2021
AI Robotic Assisted Surgery Pushes Boundaries in Healthcare
In the past it would have been considered radical to even consider the idea of a machine participating in complicated surgical procedures. The reality is that surgical robots simply assist a surgeon to operate with greater precision. The surgeon’s team then closely monitors and assists the robot throughout the entire procedure and at no point will the robot gain full autonomy or control.
Janet Sawari  |  Jul 26, 2021
The Medbots Hold Great Potential in Healthtech
Domain knowledge
What if the doctor is sick too? What if he makes a mistake? And the nurses, are they in a good mood? What if we could get faster treatment; if healthcare was more affordable; if clinicians got better rest and working hours, and if the industry demand is fulfilled? So many questions, what is the answer, robotics in medicine?
Janet Sawari  |  Jul 01, 2021