Satvik Tripathi
Satvik Tripathi
Contributor, The Yuan

Satvik Tripathi is an active researcher in the field of AI in Radiology with interests in neuroimaging and oncology. He is currently a researcher at Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and visiting research fellow at Harvard Medical School/Mass General Hospital. His expertise also expands to ethics and public health.

Federated learning includes democratized and personalized AI with privacy by design
Brain science
Federated learning is an ML technique that enables building of models without the need to store comprehensive personal data to address privacy and security concerns. It has many potential applications and holds great promise, so to understand its workings and its current drawbacks and what still needs to be done is key.
Satvik Tripathi  |  Aug 12, 2022
AI Apps in the Pharma Industry: Getting the Balance Right
Google Scholar and The Yuan’s youngest contributor, Satvik Tripathi, looks at the role of artificial intelligence in developing new drugs and how it helps in tackling diseases that were once thought to be too difficult to take on.
Satvik Tripathi  |  Apr 12, 2022