Jian Zhou
Jian Zhou
Contributor, The Yuan

Jian Zhou formerly served as a data analyst at consulting company Kantar media CIC under WPP and a data analyst for CBNData. Over six years of industry experience, Jian has become an expert in Big Data analysis (SQL, Hadoop, Hive), statistical analysis, data mining, predictive modeling, and medical industry intelligence analysis. 

Pioneering Report Maps AI+RWS Sector, Forecasts 40% Yearly Growth in China
Domain knowledge
A pioneering new report offers an overview of pharma RWS/RCT industry developments in 2020-2021, Asia’s RWS market size, trends there and in China - where it predicts 40 percent yearly growth - and showcases Asian RWS industry leaders. It discusses use of virtual Twin Studies, GWAS, Pharmacovigilance and AI, and explores RWS and AI used in diagnostics, biomarkers, image analysis, disease prevention, and Big Data. It then cites the challenges and opportunities faced by AI-driven WRS and lists governmental regulations on RWS and Big Data in Asia.
Jian Zhou, Ben Armour  |  Oct 29, 2021