Ricardo Vinuesa
Ricardo Vinuesa
Contributor, The Yuan

Ricardo Vinuesa is associate professor at the Department of Engineering Mechanics at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Vice Director of the KTH Digitalization Platform in Stockholm. His research combines numerical simulations and data-driven methods to understand and model complex engineering problems, including the impact of AI on Sustainable Development Goals.

Looking for a doctoral student
The Yuan contributor Ricardo Vinuesa seeks a doctoral student interested in studying data-driven fluid and climate theory at KTH in Sweden.
Ricardo Vinuesa  |  Sep 15, 2023
AI development pause risks throwing the baby out with the bathwater
The public debate over AI constantly changes in response to AI’s own shifts. Recent advances in GAI and LLMs have prompted calls for a timeout in AI development. Prof Ricardo Vinuesa of Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology argues such a moratorium would be disastrous.
Ricardo Vinuesa  |  Aug 11, 2023
AI aids fluid flow simulations
AI use is becoming ever more feasible in computational fluid dynamics, where it has already yielded promising results. Different computational means have their unique advantages and drawbacks, but it is not realistic to expect AI to fully replace these, as it is more likely to serve as a complement to them.
Ricardo Vinuesa  |  Aug 23, 2022
Robotics and UN Sustainable Development
Prof Ricardo Vinuesa reports on last year’s IEEE/Robotics Society of Japan International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems Workshop in Prague, whose main topic was the growing impact of robotics on everyone and opportunities in the context of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
Ricardo Vinuesa  |  May 17, 2022
Importance of Interpretability in Deep Learning Models
Prof Ricardo Vinuesa insists it is essential that researchers and regulatory bodies focus on interpretable and transparent artificial intelligence models if we are to achieve a sustainable future.
Ricardo Vinuesa  |  Feb 22, 2022