Dan Elton
Dan Elton
Contributor, The Yuan

Dan Elton is a data scientist at the MGH & BWH Center for Clinical Data Science in Boston, Massachusetts. He previously worked as a staff scientist at NIH from 2019-2021, where he researched AI systems for medical imaging applications. He writes at moreisdifferent.substack.com.

Medical AI Has Both Loads of Promise and Hype
AI’s results in its real-world application in radiology and other medical fields have often fallen far short of expectations, but delving deeper into the reasons behind such letdowns could hold the key to future breakthroughs, even if AI ends up playing a more supportive than dominant role, argues data scientist Dan Elton.
Dan Elton  |  Apr 26, 2022
Experts Claim CT Scans For COVID-19 Diagnosis is Flawed
As the novel coronavirus evolved from epidemic to pandemic, early research suggested CT scans provided the best diagnosis for COVID-19. It turns out that the information was flawed. Data scientist and Google Scholar Dan Elton takes a closer look at the studies published.
Dan Elton  |  Jan 10, 2022