Marisa Tschopp
Marisa Tschopp
Contributor, The Yuan

Marisa Tschopp is a researcher at SCIP AG, chief research officer at Women in AI Switzerland and co-chair of the IEEE Agency and Trust in AI Systems Committee. She explores AI from a psychological perspective with a specific interest in its ethical implications.

Alexa Relationships Are So Complex
People’s relationships with their virtual assistants are more complicated than they might seem at first, and much of this stems from the tendency to anthropomorphize objects and non-sentient beings. Privacy and security concerns add a whole other layer to how and for what people are best off using their virtual assistants, how this relationship should appear, and how integrated virtual assistants should be part of daily life - or not.
Marisa Tschopp  |  May 25, 2022
Hi Siri, Am I Intelligent?
Marisa Tschopp, and the Titanium Research Department team in Switzerland, challenged their digital assistants to an intelligence test. The outcome threw up quite a mixed bag of results.
Marisa Tschopp  |  Mar 08, 2022
Women in AI Switzerland: Looking Back, Moving Forward
The Women in AI community in Switzerland, like most, have experienced a challenging year. The pandemic took its toll on the team, and on the health of their families and friends. Marisa Tschopp takes a look back on a difficult year and looks forward to a brighter future in 2022.
Marisa Tschopp  |  Jan 05, 2022
The Dark Side of Trust in AI Machines
Human trust has been examined in psychology for a long time, but within the context of artificial intelligence many more questions remain to be asked. Marisa Tschopp explores trust and distrust in AI and puts forward her theory that the science needs safeguards more intangible than technology and privacy laws.
Marisa Tschopp  |  Nov 18, 2021